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poppy and pink

I needed a break from words today… Read more…


having a party, eh? nope.

“Depression is a disorder of mood, so mysteriously painful and elusive in the way it becomes known to the self — to the mediating intellect — as to verge close to being beyond description.” – David Foster Wallace Read more…


more. star. pants.

You guys. I am dreaming about star pants. Glorious, glorious, star pants. I have more dreams… involving succulents, travel, throw pillows, babies, salted caramel brownies… What are you dreaming about today?


Moody Pink

This post is a little late getting up today. Last night I had a massive anxiety attack that lasted a few hours and interfered with writing a post. I still feel a little rattled, but I am getting on with things. I love pink.

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It seems like my life is going to be in flux a little while longer because (drum roll) we are moving to Seattle! David has a year long project there and this time I get to go along.

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buckets and bunches galaxy nasa

pinterest theme: galaxy

Today I am starstruck in a whole new way… I feel inspired by a galactic color scheme, the pin points of light, the spacey vibe.

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how to inch forward smiling

Last week something incredible happened to me. I was up late, writing a post, battling insomnia, and playing my favorite late night game- look at other people’s lives, compare, feel miserable.

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pinterest theme: soft and romantic

I love it when I scroll through my Pinterest “inspired” board and find a trend. Recently it seems like I am all over the place (I know, so obvious, right? Calm down, peeps. I get it).

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mid week thoughts

It so so odd how time can pass so slowly and so quickly at the same time. When I am by myself here, working from home with the exception of a few hours babysitting, the days can seem to last forever.

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clean slate apples

clean slate

There is something so beautiful about a new year. Actually, forget a new year. There is magic in a new week… a new day.

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christmas card sytle

We mailed out our holiday cards this weekend, so I think it is ok to share them here now! As I mentioned, we had a portrait commissioned by Alessandra Olanow.

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mila kunis in dior as holiday inspiration

I am obsessed with Mila Kunis in these Dior Ads. I think they provide the perfect holiday inspiration.

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