pajaki and mind fog

I have such a block in my brain this week. I am working on a project for the apartment which involves making a billion pompoms, and I have been rocking it… I mean, I can sit and put together pompoms like nobody’s business. It is really rewarding to do it while David is home. It is the simplest thing, but he looks at me like I preforming the greatest magic trick ever. Like, seriously, ever. So, crafty things and cooking things are going well, but not conversations or writing. I have to think it has something to do with David and I’s renewed dedication to weight watchers. How am I supposed to function normally under these kind of circumstances? I mean. Today my plan is to go on a big walk to clear the head. Sometimes gulping down fresh air and taking in the sights is so trans-formative.

Meanwhile, in unrelatedville, I am wondering if I could pull off making a polish chandelier, or a pajaki. I have wanted to make one for so long, but it is a seriously labor intensive undertaking. Or so I have heard. I am gearing up to get back into a real job and some real schedules here soon, so I think I need to take this little hiatus and put it to some good and crafty use. If you have any experience with this, please, do tell.
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Or, these tassel chandys would be pretty awesome to recreate too! d0743fb0be25b74cb4c5954630b94e38 67626c638834fbf7ca1c269628d83f79


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  1. I love the hanging ones–they’re so pretty and different!

  2. Waaaay cool. I can’t wait for my own ceiling to play with things that hang! And don’t worry too much about the mind block; not thinking about it will give it less power over you.

  3. Confession–my little brother has been crashing with us for just about three weeks (by which I mean sleeping on an air mattress in our living room, with his stuff spread everywhere) and this week it just hit us both–hard. Pissy, irritable, with no patience for each other. Thank goodness for long walks, deep breaths and dinner dates.

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