a new set of fangs

I keep thinking I might get over everything that is magical, monster filled, and vampire related, but it just hasn’t happened. Even in my job as governess, Ruby and I spend a lot of time playing princess, dressed in tulle and pink and unfortunately waiting for the prince to save us. But then, she saw My Babysitter’s a Vampire, and she is totally sold on all things vampire. That instant she begged me to dress her in head to toe black and run around hissing and baring our pretend fangs. I will admit I taught her to pretend bite a person’s neck. I love a little dark added to my usual aesthetic of fem and glitz. Not to mention, vampires these days are kinda gorgeous and sexy. I know not everyone is going to be on board with this particular inspiration/wish list, but I had to get it out on the interwebs. You know how I love Eric. But today, let’s hear it for the girls. The girls with fangs.

PS. I want those Baby Vamp Rings like nobody’s business.



  1. eeeek!! that picture is so intense!!! haha those rings are pretty fun, not sure i could pull that off though haah


  2. Wahahaha, yes, I do own a pair of fangs and love me some darkness. That first b&w pic is tooo coool.

  3. I love this! I was obsessed with Interview with a Vampire circa age 9…

  4. Nicole

    Those photos makes me want to be a vampire someday. I would also love to have that baby vamp rings. It looks cool. It’s perfect to wear with your fake fangs and sexy red or black dress.

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