back in love with my socrate

You know how sometimes when you are browsing Pinterest or window shopping, you get really greedy and stumble your husband a shitload of gorgeous rings as a “someday” upgrade to your wedding band? I have been in that loop recently. It isn’t pretty (well, the rings are) and it doesn’t feel good after a while. However, after the dermatologist told me to stop wearing my wedding ring, I have been wearing my engagement ring more. Not everyday with the kiddos… but more. And here is the thing- I freakin’ love that ring. It is the Van Cleef & Arpels Socrate between the finger ring in yellow gold. It is gorgeous, it is so me, and it seems like we are falling in love all over again. My ring and I, that is.
Read on, friends…

the lesson

I need to really love the things I have instead of waiting for the next best thing. In all aspects of life. I will elaborate on this more soon. But for now, I am going to put on my ring to watch tv. I like to be fancy in my PJs.

Images : 1 from our wedding, by Casey / 2 / 3




  1. Ummm, can I have that ring??

  2. I remember staring at your ring, like, ALL of Blogshop! When Ethan told me that he didn’t think my diamond was big enough and that he wanted to eventually get me a bigger one later on, I said no (and this was before I even saw it). Why would I want to upgrade? This is what fit into our lives at the time of our engagement, and I’m gonna treasure it forever. =) Love the life lesson here.

  3. Damn pinterest–it gets me every time, too! My mom was actually fretting that my ring was too big when she first saw photos–isn’t it funny how everyone’s perspective is so different?

    Your ring is gorgeous, and so sweetly, perfectly you–I’m glad you’re back in the throes of a love affair.

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