hippty hoppity

My bunny love has been well documented. Right up there with narwhals, unicorns, and terriers bunnies ,are my fave.  I have also documented my love for FINN jewelry.  When Katie announced her proposal with a FINN love knot, I was so happy and jealous.  Today they unite to form the super jewelry= the FINN bunny.  I know I have had requests to get the prices down on items I gush about, but ya’ll it’s the FINN bunny!  Soak it up. Love it. Send it to me… you remember my birthday was just last week, right?

PS- REALLY fun wedding post coming up in a bit! Two Post Tuesday, let me hear a whoop!


  1. Whoop!

    Can’t wait to check back later for the second round of posts :)

  2. Awh how adorable are these!?! Will be back later :) xoxo

  3. Oh my goodness I adore these little bunny necklaces. Aren’t bunnies the cutest?! Can’t wait to see the wedding post! :)

  4. I mean, this necklace is EPIC. Save your $ – you deserve to wear this everyday. Just think of how HAPPY it will make you! FINN rocks my face off and so does it’s more affordable daughter company, Minor Obsessions. Love, love, love

  5. Ha, those glittery little bunny tales are ADORABLE!

  6. These are the cutest things ever! Love their little glittery tails.

    Excited for your wedding post!

  7. OMG. Chelsea, I need this too. I have a slight obsession for bunnies myself. Shoot, now I am going to be thinking about this day and night, probably even dreaming about it. Want, Need, Have to have. Oh wait, I’m broke.

    • Hi Sally! Well, now that I have seen your love ring I am lusting after one myself. I know, this bunny is amazing. I am broke too, but lady, we will make this happen someday. xo

  8. Bunnies in the House girls and Elephants too! We ♥ Finn!!

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