obsessed: catbird

The obsession with Catbird continues. The perfect mix of traditional and non-traditional, I die over their jewelry.

I am especially enamored with with their creative stacks of delicate rings. Their buyer, Leigh, shows of her stacking technique below, but be sure to check out all their layering styles on their blog. I would also highly recommend heading over to sweet Leigh’s little piece of the internet. It is thoughtful, beautiful and heartbreaking. I have picked a couple of my faves (hint hint, David) which would certainly start a stack off right…

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  1. I’m actually off my ring kick now that I have my engagement and wedding rings. Except for a signet ring, I don’t think I’ll ever need another ring! I would have been all about these before though!!!

  2. Oh so lovely. I’m with Dana–add a signet to my collection and I think I’d be a happy girl, but I just adore the way these look!

  3. Um, you two are amazing. Why am I so f*ing greedy? But, I am allergic to my wedding ring. I think that might have something to do with it. xo

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