buckets and bunches faves

on repeat #1

I don’t usually just like things. I love them. I usually develop full blown obsessions. For no other reason than documentation and pure fun, I am going to chronicle those loves. This week:

  1. [Stud earrings] Recently I have been wearing either statement necklaces or minimal jewelry when I am watching the kids. What works for either situation is a dainty pair of studs. My mom gave me these Finn studs I had been wanting on a trip to NYC when I was in college, and I have loved them ever since. The heart and arrow are so charming. I would love to try the pair with the black heart too. The other pair is antique, also given to me by mom.
  2. [Baby Vamps] I am obsessed with my baby vamp rings! Gah! Love stacking them up with other little ones too.
  3. [Beret] I love cold weather for giving me the opportunity to rock all my hats! The perfect accessory for covering three day hair and mixing it up a bit.
  4. [Mary Lou-Manizer] I love this highlighter from The Balm. I got it in my birchbox a while back, and love using it to highlight my inner eye and right around the lip (makes them look fuller!).
  5. [ Voluspa French Cade and Lavender Voluspa Candle] I am taking a break from my fave champagne scent and loving lavender. I picked it up because I love lighting candles in our bedroom, and even though David would prefer that everything always smells like birthday cake, I wanted something relaxing and less food related.
  6. [Perfume] I have been alternating between a custom scent I made on our honeymoon and Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensée Petite Cologne Absolue. There is just something about the winter that makes me want to spritz with enthusiasm.

Please excuse the shadowy photos. I might have attempted this a little too late in the day! Do you have anything you are using or wearing on repeat these days?


  1. Loving the blue & white colors in your photos! haha I love Voluspa candles – my go to scent is Bella Sucre! And I totally know what you mean by liking candles that don’t smell like food, lol.

  2. your photos are great! love the peek of the eiffel tower there. I love my voluspa candles too. xx

    • Thank you! I was a little hesitant. That eiffel tower ring dish is just too fun. It’s from Anthropologie. Love having you over here and commenting. xo

  3. Oh, I do the same thing! Currently obsessing over Kiehl’s Lip balm, a bright pink scarf, and this danty gold ring that my grandmother gave me. xo

  4. These are great! I really love your beret…the colors are amazing!

  5. Wait…A. you are a great photographer and B. I have loved those vamp rings for forever but never bought one!!!! xoxo

    • Well, A. Thank you! B. Um, do it!! I love having both, but I was thinking to budget them you could just go for the replacement and just pick top or bottom fangs. They ROCK! xoxo

  6. I think your photos turned out great! My entire closet is always on repeat (aka I don’t own enough clothes) =)

  7. Lovely images – I’m loving dainty jewelry (especially stacking thin rings) and lavender scents in the bedroom as well. It’s such a calming scent and I swear it helps me sleep better!

  8. Voluspa candles are my fave, and they make the best containers when you’ve burned them out! I also love reusing the boxes from the bigger candles.

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